How we eat

We eat a mostly Paleo diet with dairy (often called Primal).  So we avoid grains and legumes, with the exception of white rice in moderation.  We eat traditional fats (butter, lard and coconut oil for cooking.  Olive oil and sesame oil cold) and avoid newer fats, especially soy and canola oils.  We use some organic cane sugar, but in general keep to honey and maple syrup for sweeteners.  For dairy, we choose raw, organic dairy products whenever possible, and avoid overly processed dairy (including modified milk ingredients, which are in most dairy products).  Since we’ve started eating this way I’ve felt more energetic and am steadily getting back down to my prechildren weight.

We aim for local and organic (although not always certified organic in a small community) whenever possible.  Nearly all our meat is from local farmers.  We get honey (as well as some meat) from our family’s farm and preserve local fruit and vegetables during the summer.  I believe strongly in supporting local agriculture, and it’s usually so much tastier and very economical if you buy in bulk.

It’s always a process, and I would be lying if I didn’t admit that frozen pizza and potstickers occasionally wander onto our dinner plates on busy days.  We don’t worry too much about what we have when we eat out either, but we don’t eat out more than once a week on average.  I subscribe to the belief that eating well 85% percent of the time is a good goal.