Daily Diptych: 62/365 (And a look at 2014)

My New Years Eve was very lively, as you can see.  Okay, so we did go out to a friend’s house for a bit, but we were home by 9 (still much too late for Sunny who was sobbing about her missing sock…why don’t you just keep them on your feet?) and Craig was in bed by 10 as he’s working an early shift today.  So it was just me and Kristan Higgins (who is pretty good company).  I actually tried to get to sleep just before 12 but didn’t manage, thanks to the local fireworks enthusiasts.
I’m feeling pretty good about my resolutions for last year, here’s a recap:

– To keep my house cleaner:  I kept my house really clean until gardening season, and then eased up a bit,  but in general my house has been much tidier.  In large part due to me working towards minimalism and drastically culling the girl’s toys.  It’s not spotless, but I can be company ready in around 15 minutes.

– To lost weight every month:  Well, it wasn’t that regular, but I did lose over half of the baby weight, thanks to THM.  Very happy.

– To cook smarter, not harder:  Definite win here.  I’ve been menu planning regularly, cooking more for the freezer, and cooking more simply overall.  I do still cook complicated food sometimes, but I have embraced easy, healthy meals a lot more.  As an added bonus, this has made it easier to bless other families with home cooked meals!

– Exercise regularly: Yes!  Thanks to Katy Bowman, I have been taking 1-2 half hour walks or hikes every day (sometimes 3).  I’ve also been stretching regularly and can touch my toes for the first time in my adult life.

– Go to bed on time: No perfect still, but I am sleeping more on average.  I’m still at 7-7.5 most nights though, and I really want an hour more.

– Get more illustration work: Yes, I worked much more regularly in 2014!  Hoping to grow even more this year!

– Take a photo of the girls every week: Nope, this was the fail.  I took a lot of photos, but I just can’t remember a weekly project.  It’s daily or nothing, so I am back to daily and loving it!

Bonuses for 2014:

– 2014 was a big year for learning about my health.  I feel like my eating, movement, and mental health all improved by leaps and bounds this year.  It feels really good.

– This year I finally decided that I was ready to go pro with my photography (as people kept giving me money to take photos).  I still have a lot to learn, but I’m having so much fun capturing memories for people.

– I started pursuing minimalism more mindfully at home (I really need to write a good post about this, soon)

2014 was a good year, I’m excited to see what 2015 will bring!  Did you accomplish any of your resolutions in 2014?